Tuesday, June 06

Crypto Weekly with Kavita Gupta - Episode 13

Crypto Weekly, with Kavita Gupta, dives into topics that are making headlines worldwide. This week, the CIRCLE stablecoin issuer has reportedly been under investigation by the SEC once again. Additionally, Coinbase customers have reported that their cryptocurrency assets have been hacked since Coinbase's IPO. Also discussed this week is Europe's leading NFT platform adding the Bundesliga to its growing list of partnerships, and American toy giant MGA Entertainment moving into the crypto space by turning popular toys into digital collectibles. Indian exchanges are going to bring in Bollywood superstars to lure users with a gamification approach. The Big5 Crypto Exchange Benchmark report is out with insights on how crypto exchanges can attract customers and grow user base, what are crypto staking, and a new crypto startup Stader Labs raises $4 million for their platform.


Kavita Gupta

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