Thursday, March 30

Leaders of the Digital Securities Revolution

One of the most-watched programs in the Blockchain sector and has been seen by over 4-million viewers worldwide. Read Time: 1 minute and 58 secondsOn this segment of FINTECH.TV's Digital Asset Report (DAR), our host from New York City, Vince Molinari, is joined by the digital asset pioneer, Founder of Elevated Returns, Stephane De Baets to discuss the bleeding edge vs the leaning edge covering their experience together from Aspen Coin digital securities issuance to what is coming next. Trading minority securities positions in real estate is a tricky proposition when looking at public markets. Understanding this dilemma is where Stephane, Vince, and the team could architect a solution that integrated the paradigm, capabilities, and frictionless capabilities of blockchain technologies. The challenges present with issuing a New World security in a digital format, making the digital security then seamlessly tradable, with clearing, settlement, transfer agent, custodian, and similar components integrated for pioneering a frictionless future. Even still, in the Old World, it is very cumbersome to trade private securities issued under the 1933 Securities Act under Regulation D and tradable under the 1934 Securities Exchange Act rules and regulations for exempt sureties. Stephane, Elevated Returns, and his partners issued the digital security for a portion of the capital stack with a trophy asset in a wealthy MSA. Aspen, Colorado is home to many billionaires, innovators, and entrepreneurs that call the St. Regis home from time to time as extended vacations turn into a work adventure. The successful issuance of this prized asset in Aspen, Co. proved the concept of trading assets 1:1 without having to liquidate the entire property, investment, or formerly illiquid asset class. Previously, these assets generally qualified for "hard money," bank funds, or institutional capital that tapped into REITs, "big boy" funds, and similar facilities only available to a limited few.Digital securities offer new ways for investors to gain exposure to secure asset classes through innovation using blockchain technology mapped with securities laws, regulation, and compliance requirements. Only if a small bit of the entire value is securitized, tokenized, and similar partial gains, we have gained a milestone event that will eventually prove network theory via Metcalfe and Reed's Laws. Exchange and regulatory compliance with the right partners that understand how to address - tZero is the leader in this space, says Stephane. Vince adds both Computershare into the mix that worked very closely with FINTECH.TV's Executive Director in NYC to architect their blockchain settlement solution from day one. Always a small world. We hope you enjoy this informative segment on digital securities, assets being traded on trusted trustless systems using fully compliant technology systems, and how the ecosystem is going from alpha/beta into a commercialized network of buying, selling, issuing, and pricing digital securities unlike ever before. Watch all the action unfold exclusively on FINTECH.TV by subscribing to our weekly email round-up newsletter and never miss the story unfolding!

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