Sunday, February 05

Unifying the World with Technology

Lakshmi Pratury, Founder and CEO of INK, explains how technology can bring the world together for a real, tangible, measurable, and impactful world that is exponentially improved as compared to what we could only imagine even a decade ago. Our host, Vince Molinari and INK Founder, Lakshmi Pratury, cover everything from story telling to data connectivity (the "pipeline") and how Moore's Law has enabled this incredible opportunity to break down barriers. People from different disciplines have the opportunity now to come together - Indian proverb style - matriarchal and patriarchal with half woman, half man. Under precepts such as these for our foundational theories of SDGs into reality that is achieved, anything is possible. In order to accomplish real, exponential change, women have a unique opportunity to exert their stored power that has been ready to unleash for far, far too long. Most exciting, the convergence of Lakshmi and Kunal Sood's conference under the NOVUS brand is the practice of women and men coming together - for humanity. Getting down to the bottom of what "really, really matters" that has been accelerated during COVID-19. Everyone is thrilled about this upcoming event together on July 20th and 21st.