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Blockchain and the Global Commons (SDGs)

Summary of Thinkathon - Blockchain and the Global Commons (SDGs)

At the 2019 73rd United Nations General Assembly in New York, an increasing number of Blockchain events were focussed on how Blockchain can contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The UN pointed out that blockchain technology could act as a game changer, having a massive impact on economic development to build a better world. At the same time the pandemic has exposed weaknesses in global supply chains and over reliance on single suppliers. The China US divide is uncomfortably exposed. The race for digital currencies has accelerated - what are the political dimensions (eg sovereign control of digital currency as an instrument of fiscal and monetary policy) for the current monetary system? What global infrastructure and governance models could work in the digital age? Can blockchain enable sustained and purposeful global collaborations to prevent future pandemics? Blockchain allows large groups of like minded people to connect, to determine causes worth supporting and to what extent; to improve the way we collaborate and the outcomes of these collaborations and enables individuals and groups to support other individuals and groups who pursue causes they believe to be of value to others. Blockchain networks give us new ways to design and build incentive systems and we have the capacity to rapidly build and implement large-scale structures for incentivizing human behavior. Can we create incentive systems that align the interest of the individual with the overall beneficial outcomes for the planet?

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Thinkathon - Blockchain and the Global Commons (SDGs)

Thinkathon Moderator

Dr Jane Thomason

As Chief Inspiration Officer for Fintech.TV, I am a global thought leader for social impact and digital transformation and I aim to influence startups, governments, organisations, and industry on transformational opportunities of the digital economy. My job is to inspire and educate about social impact and digital transformation for social change. I am an advocate for ESG investments in emerging economies and enabling Frontier Technologies to accelerate achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Thinkathon Speaker

Kevin Monserrat

Founder and Director Consilience Ventures.

Thinkathon Speaker

Thessy Mehrain

Co-Founder of Liquality @Consensys, a project to enable peer-to-peer exchange across BTC and ETH blockchains and founder of 'Women in Blockchain’, a community for women defining the blockchain space. She also worked on self-sovereign identity and a supply chain solution and with the Consensys Social Impact team.

Thinkathon Speaker

Jeremy Wilson

Experienced Chairman, guide and counsellor. Application of the new technologies in sustaining humankind & the world it inhabits. Across societies, across cultures, across all people and all peoples.

Thinkathon Speaker

John Kamara

John Kamara is the Founder of afyarekod and Adalabs. He is a Tech Entrepreneur using smart technology to drive exponential growth in data driven organisations. Visionary and thought leader with experience in new markets and vertical across multiple sectors. John Kamara has over 15 years experience in business strategy, digital technology and development while being heavily involved in business growth and building new markets for various companies.

Thinkathon Speaker

Susan Oh

Autodidact civic technologist in AI & blockchain; founder & advisor to AI & blockchain projects serving the UN's sustainable development goals.

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