Tuesday, October 04

Future Economic System and the Role of the Democratic State

Summary of Thinkathon - Future Economic System and the Role of the Democratic State

The Pandemic has thrown into stark reality the role of the state (regardless of its nature) as “insurer/purchaser/lender of last resort” when faced with a black swan event such as the current one. Notions of the “small state” and reliance on markets may no longer be sustainable as governments have been forced into major interventions to preserve economic social and physical well-being. The US philosopher Francis Fukuyama has speculated that the governments who will be shown to have best dealt with the virus will be those where trust in them is highest. Distributed systems enabled by Blockchain technology offers scope for us to re-examine the social contract and the trust in the state it creates in ways more fundamental than any other since its formative construction at the time of the Enlightenment and American Revolution. What does the social contract need to look like in a distributed and peer to peer world? What should the relationship be between fiat and crypto-authority in the future? What role should the benign state play in the development and implementation of distributed systems?

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Thinkathon -Future Economic System and the Role of the Democratic State Panellist

Thinkathon Moderator

Dr Jane Thomason

As Chief Inspiration Officer for Fintech.TV, I am a global thought leader for social impact and digital transformation and I aim to influence startups, governments, organisations, and industry on transformational opportunities of the digital economy. My job is to inspire and educate about social impact and digital transformation for social change. I am an advocate for ESG investments in emerging economies and enabling Frontier Technologies to accelerate achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Thinkathon Speaker

Emily Landis-Walker

Emily Landis Walker is a senior financial services executive acknowledged globally for her strategic connections, contributions to business development in financial services and blockchain/crypto companies, capital raising, investor relations, emergency preparedness and corporate responsibility initiatives.

Thinkathon Speaker

Efi Pylarinou

Efi Pylarinou is an independent Fintech & Blockchain, business advisor. She focuses on Capital Markets, Wealth & Asset management transformations. With a Ph.D. in Finance, and bold Wall Street expertise, she has grown into a global Fintech influencer. She is the No.3 influencer in the finance sector and No.1 woman influencer, by Refinitiv Global Social Media 2019. She was included the 2019 Onalytica Top 100 Wealth Management Influencer list & 2019 Onalytica Top Women in Finance list & 2019 Onalytica Top Ten Social Amplifiers in Regtech & 2019 Onalytica Top 100 Gender Equality and Diversity Influencers & 2019 Onalytica Top 100 Finserv Environmental Sustainability Influencers, 2016 & 2017 Innovate Finance Women in Fintech Powerlist, Women in Fintech DACH social ranking, the Global Fintech 80, The Planet Compliance Top 50 RegTech Influencers.

Thinkathon Speaker

Lord (Chris) Holmes MBE

Chris entered the House of Lords in 2013, where his policy focus has been on technology and the digital opportunity. He is a member of the Democracy and Digital Technologies Select Committee which is concluding a year-long investigation at the moment with the report and recommendations due later this month. He is also co-chair of Parliamentary Groups on Assistive Technology,  Fintech, Blockchain and the 4th Industrial Revolution and has published a report; “Distributed Ledger Technologies for Public Good: leadership, collaboration and innovation” calling on the Government to look at the challenges and opportunities of DLT for improving public services. An progress update was published in November 2018. Chris is a former Paralympic swimmer who won nine gold, five silver and one bronze medal across four Games, including a record haul of six golds at Barcelona 1992.

Thinkathon Speaker

Lawrence Wintermeyer

Lawrence Wintermeyer focused on fintech, digital, and investment and promote policies for a transparent, secure, and sustainable digital financial future for everyone. He has led and worked with teams to build, grow, optimize, re-structure and divest companies from start-ups to global brands in the financial services, technology, and energy sectors around the globe.

Thinkathon Speaker

Loretta Joseph

Loretta is a public policy influencer and globally recognised as an authority in digital asset regulation and blockchain technology. Loretta is a highly dynamic, skilled banking, financial and consulting professional with over 25 years in financial markets and related sectors.

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