Thursday, June 01

In Case You Missed It: Thinkathon Panel Playback

The Covid-19 pandemic has led to unprecedented public concerns about viral transmission via cash. Central banks report a large increase in queries from the media on the safety of using cash. The number of internet searches pertaining to both “cash” and “virus” is at record highs. This seems likely to accelerate central bank adoption of digital currencies. What is a digital currency? What are the implications for the financial system? Who is working on it? What will be the governance implications? How can governments and others create incentives for people to develop new paradigms, or even just better ways to do things, and avoid stamping out good ideas? The panel covered:
  • 1. What was the original impetus to create CBDC?
  • 2. Difference between Retail, Commercial CBDC, implications for banking system and monetary policy?
  • 3. Latest developments in Central Bank Digital Currency Activity?
  • 4. Why are we talking about this in the midst of COVID-19?

Our Panelists:

  Vince Molinari Moderator
Vincent Molinari was a Co-founder of Templum, Inc., and formerly the CEO of its subsidiary, Templum Markets, a FINRA registered broker dealer and Alternative Trading System (ATS) providing a registered solution for raising capital and trading private digital securities.
Lee Schneider
Lee A. Schneider is a financial services and technology lawyer based in NYC. He serves as general counsel for, a leading blockchain software company. Lee co-hosts a FinTech podcast with former SEC Commissioner Troy Paredes, available on iTunes and other podcast services.
Emily Landis-Walker
Emily Landis Walker is a senior financial services executive acknowledged globally for her strategic connections, contributions to business development in financial services and blockchain/crypto companies, capital raising, investor relations, emergency preparedness and corporate responsibility initiatives.
Jonny Fry
Blockchain, Digital Assets & Funds Specialist with over 25 years experience as CEO of publicly quoted Asset Management business. Jonny's focus has been on the dynamics of financial innovation analysing how where and why Blockchain technology and Digital Assets can be used commercially, he is a regular speaker and write Digital Bytes weekly about these topics and is co-founder of TeamBlockchain Ltd.
Jannah Patchay
Jannah Patchay is experienced and industry-recognised subject matter expert and consultant in the financial markets sector, specialising in financial markets innovation, and in helping firms to define, develop and execute their commercial strategies in a highly regulated environment.
Thessy Mehrain
Co-Founder of Liquality @Consensys, a project to enable peer-to-peer exchange across BTC and ETH blockchains and founder of 'Women in Blockchain’, a community for women defining the blockchain space. She also worked on self-sovereign identity and a supply chain solution and with the Consensys Social Impact team.