Wednesday, May 22

Vanessa Rae


As a host, producer, and writer Vanessa brings live daily TV experience and a background creating content for places like, MTV News, VH1, E!, AXS TV, Syfy, Daily Flash, NYC TV, WPIX, WPTV, and New York Magazine. Vanessa has interviewed experts and thought leaders spanning a wide range of industries; From talking with celebrities like Stevie Wonder about Black History Month to discussing space flight with Richard Branson and string theory with theoretical physicist and futurist Michio Kaku, Vanessa excels at breaking down complex concepts and presenting them in a relatable way. While working as a correspondent for Keep it Green, Vanessa reported on sustainable living. Whether pitching and hosting segments on green gadgets for Syfy's DVICE TV, vegan food for, or an eco-friendly fashion segment for Daily Flash, Vanessa always strives to highlight sustainability stories making an impact. 


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