Wednesday, June 19

Artis Stevens: Big Brothers Big Sisters CEO discusses mentorship, partnership, and the impact of AI in connections

As the CEO and President at Big Brothers Big Brothers (BBBS), Artis Stevens experienced the passion of mentorship throughout his career. Stevens joins Dr. Dante Simpson at “The Table” and discusses his journey from The Boys & Girls Club (Nat’l VP), to the National 4-H Council (SVP/CMO), to his current role at BBBS. He explains what makes the next generation inspired, motivated and active through the power of mentorship and partnership. Stevens offers some surprising insights and statistics, of the significant economic impact of mentorship.


As we celebrate partnerships, and the NFL Draft is rapidly approaching, we have the opportunity to discuss BBBS’s partnership with the NFL. We take time to highlight “The Big Draft” and the successes of this program. In addition, we learn more about BBBS’s “Game Changer” program and how to be involved.


“While the NFL is drafting the next round of players, they are helping Big Brothers Big Sisters draft the next round of mentors…” – Artis Stevens