Wednesday, May 22

Mario Van Peebles: Family, career, and his latest film, Outlaw Posse

On the latest episode of THE TABLE, we are joined by Hollywood legend Mario Van Peebles. In conversation with Dr. Dante Simpson, Van Peebles discusses his legendary father (Melvin Van Peebles), family, career, and his latest film, Outlaw Posse. In his latest project, Van Peebles is joined by Whoopi Goldberg, Cedric the Entertainer, John Carroll Lynch, Edward James Olmos, his son Mandela Van Peebles, and a celebrated cast

Van Peebles discusses his process for turning ideas into pictures that represent culture, curiosity, and commonalities.  

"I wanted to show that our diversity is part of our strength, as Americans...I wanted to do it now, because we have an election year upcoming..get folks to think, get folks to laugh, to see that our commonalities are stronger than our differences" - Mario Van Peebles