Wednesday, May 22

The Future is Now: How A.I. is Already Changing the Way We Live and Work

 In this episode 009 of Web3 Show on Fintech TV Chris, Travis and Donald flip the script from the potential dangers of AI discussed in length in episode 008 to the potential creative explosion that is about to happen as creatives learn to leverage AI tools like Midjourney, ChatGPT4 and more to unlock 10-100xx the workload and creative outputs of which they are capable. Travis Wright the resident Wizard of Web3 does some corny show and tell on his latest week long effort and it blows the minds of Donald Lim and Chris J Snook as they discuss the implications for this brand new I.P. and the real lessons behind it for other creative artists, designers, writers, and artists as they look to create studio quality outputs with skeleton crew staff or solo-preneurs. Get out some salt, pepper and butter for the corniest episode yet of the Web3 Show. Here we go! and