Tuesday, June 25

How to Use Kaiber AI, Regulations has Companies Moving Offshore & the Growth of Web3 Games

This week on Web3 Show Ep 007 we don't reference anything about James Bond, but Chris and Travis cover the White House's recent Economic Report on the economy and it's adversarial stance on all things web3 and crypto and what it might mean for innovation in the country moving forward. Travis our Web3 Wizard gives an entertaining and fast visual tutorial on how to use Kaiber AI to make killer videos in seconds from text or a still image. Donald Lim joins to take a deep dive look and debate the good, bad, and possibility of web3 games with play-to-earn models highlighting the lessons learned and possibilities unlocked by Axie Infinity over the past two years in the Philippines and what Japanese and Korean gaming companies are doing to advance the space  of play-to-earn and how these innovations just need time to fully develop. Nova gives us the latest round of web3 related early stage and growth stage fundings and which (if any) companies in the U.S. are making plans to move offshore in the aftermath of the regulatory overreach and bullying by SEC and other bodies. It is a packed episode of insights. Here we go!