Saturday, July 20

Align Your Investing With Your Conservative Values With William Flaig

ACVF is an actively managed diversified US large-cap ETF, seeking to generate long-term capital appreciation. The Fund’s strategy reflects the Adviser’s conviction that politically active companies negatively impact their shareholders' value by misallocating the company's resources, as well as supporting issues and causes, which are opposed to conservative political beliefs and values.

William Flaig and Vincent Molinari discussed the importance of having a well-diversified portfolio as well as how ACVF's focus on shareholder engagement has helped the fund outperform the market. They also discussed some of the unique challenges that come with being a politically conservative investor and how ACVF is working to stay ahead of the curve. Overall, it was an insightful discussion about how ACVF positions itself as a leader in conservative political ideals, beliefs, and values.