Monday, July 15

Lesley Donna Williams

Discover how Tshimologong Precinct is driving Digital Innovation in Africa On TheImpact show, we are joined by Lesley Williams, CEO at Tshimologong Precinct. Lesley was appointed as part of the Obama Foundation’s commitment to growing its global network of innovative and ethical change-makers who seek to drive transformation in their communities. Watch this exciting interview to learn: - COVID19 impact on digital innovation - JP Morgan & Tshimologong Precinct partnership - Tech hubs and academic institutionsTheIMPACT focuses on ESG, Impact Investing, and advancing the 17 United Nations-supported Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The show profiles people and companies committed to changing lives and creating a sustainable world.

FINTECHTV Editorial Team

Black farmers in the US’s South—faced with continued failure in their efforts to run for the successful farms their launched