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Blockchain Commission for Sustainable Development Announce That One of Its Flagship Programs, Blockchain for Impact (BFI), Will Become Part of FINTECH.TV / Molinari Media PBC

NEW YORK, November 2020 The Blockchain Commission for Sustainable Development is pleased to announce that one of its flagship programs, Blockchain for Impact (BFI), will become part of FINTECH.TV/Molinari Media PBC, under the leadership of Vince Molinari, Co-founder of the Blockchain Commission and BFI. Effective immediately, Blockchain for Impact (BFI) will be run and managed by Molinari Media PBC. It will embrace a more digital-focused platform while celebrating blockchain and the overall fintech community around sharing IP and solving some of the world's most pressing issues. BFI and the team will continue to manage collaborative convenings and develop advocacy platforms to engage UN ecosystem leaders. In addition, the initiatives of BFI will be highlighted on FINTECH.TV's TheIMPACT which focuses on bringing stories of ESG, climate change, social impact, and accelerating the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. During the virtual convening of UNGA75 last month, the 13th Declaration stated, "We will improve digital cooperation. Digital technologies have profoundly transformed society. They offer unprecedented opportunities and new challenges. Shaping a shared vision on digital cooperation and a digital future that shows the full potential for beneficial technology usage, and addressing digital trust and security, must continue to be a priority as our world is now more than ever relying on digital tools for connectivity socioeconomic prosperity. Digital technologies have the potential to accelerate the realization of the 2030 Agenda. We must ensure safe and affordable digital access for all. The United Nations can provide a platform for all stakeholders to participate in such deliberations." Blockchain for Impact and Molinari Media commit to advancing the Sustainable Development Goals using Blockchain for Impact, primarily focusing on the Age of Digital Interdependence and the 13th Declaration at UNGA75. Its mission will include supporting the work of the UN Secretary-General's High-Level Panel on Digital Cooperation, as outlined in the Roadmap for Digital Cooperation. It will also aim to tie it's efforts with The UN Task Force on Digital Financing of the Sustainable Development Goals and the work of the Broadband Commission for Sustainable Development, recognizing that the full potential of digital technologies can best be achieved through universal access to the internet. Blockchain for Impact Co-founder and President of the Global Partnerships Forum, Amir Dossal says, "As we celebrate the UN's 75th Anniversary and the 5-year mark for the SDGs, it is clear that we need to take a quantum leap to advance the UN's 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. We need concrete initiatives that use digital technologies and develop stronger partnerships — this year is set against a pandemic that has the potential, due to its urgent need to accelerate leadership around innovative technology, to bring solutions to the front lines.  Innovations like Blockchain must be at the forefront for a better future and reinvent around old problems. Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals can only be viable with digital technology at its core. I applaud Vince for his leadership." "Seeing through this Pandemic and keeping our eye on the SDGs is a task bigger than life, but one we can embrace if the right technology, innovation, partnerships, stakeholders, and multilateral partners come together. We are very excited to see Blockchain for Impact be placed under Vince's tutelage, as this is a platform that with his leadership the industry will rally together, to rebuild, stronger, smarter and focused on a better tomorrow," said Sergio Fernandez de Cordova, Co-founder of BFI and Chairman of PVBLIC Foundation. "As we look at this new tomorrow, as Molinari Media continues to grow, we can now dedicate resources to make the Blockchain for Impact platform, a platform to solve for Post-Covid world. I am very confident that with Amir's life commitment to developing partnerships to make the United Nations a hub for the world and Sergio's Public-Private Partnership (PPP) background building solutions around the SDGs, we maintain the core founders together, but with the full resources of our various platforms," stated Vince Molinari Co-founder of BFI and Founder & CEO, Molinari Media & FINTECH.TV. "It is now with great pride and honor that Molinari Media steers BFI to its next level as our planet accelerates digital transformation." ———- About Blockchain for Impact: Blockchain for Impact (BFI) is a collaborative convening, advocacy, and action platform designed to serve the growing community of conscious leadership reflecting the full breadth of the global blockchain ecosystem as it seeks to engage with leaders from the UN system. Members of Blockchain for Impact (BFI) are invited to participate in an exciting series of impact-oriented events and task forces throughout the year. Through the Commission, Blockchain for Impact members will engage with the United Nations system on industry governance, regulatory standards, and social impact projects, working closely with the UN Departments, Funds, Programs, and Specialized Agencies, to apply blockchain technology to sustainable development and humanitarian challenges. About Molinari Media PBC: Molinari Media is a leading media and business content company.  Its premiere platform FINTECH.TV delivers the latest news and emerging trends from New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), NASDAQ, the London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG), and exchange studios worldwide, covering the exponential changes occurring in business, finance, digital assets, technology, and sustainable investments. FINTECH.TV amplifies the cross-industry intelligence and leadership essential to resilient markets across three key domains: the digital financial frontier of blockchain, digital assets, and compliance | ESG and impact investing | and the transformative impact of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals on their show TheIMPACT and Digital Asset Report and monthly on the worldwide Bloomberg Television Network and soon to come on CNBC Africa. In addition to Molinari Media’s content production, it has also recently acquired two conferences: London-based Fintech Worldwide and New York-based Gitterman Wealth Conference held at the United Nations.

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