Tuesday, May 21

FINTECH.TV Launching Exclusive Africa Content on Digital Media Platform

FINTECH.TV’s global expansion continues with FINTECH.TV Africa is launching in October.  The 20-minute business program covers exponential leaders in fintech, blockchain, and ESG investment sectors. The show will be hosted by Irene Kiwia, a tech entrepreneur and well-known television host based in Kenya.  “I’m excited to anchor this new program and highlight the great visionaries and companies that are all over Africa.  This program  will show the world that many regions in Africa are technology-hubs and deserve recognition for their contributions to the global technological transformation.” In the first FINTECH.TV Africa segment, Dr. Jacques Ludik, Founder & Group CEO of Cortex Group about Artificial Intelligence (AI) potential use cases in Africa, including precision medicine, virtual consultation, and high-quality personalized education. FINTECH.TV Africa will begin with production from Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, South Africa, Egypt, and Rwanda. FINTECH.TV Co-founders Kavita Gupta and Vince Molinari  have deep roots on the continent with extensive experience of investing and building impact initiatives for more than 15 years say, “We are thrilled and honored to help elevate the voices of Africa’s vast resources of technology prowess, entrepreneurship and its innovative youth population all determined to have an impact on moving the continent and our planet forward.” FINTECH.TV announced the launch of Africa Edition (fintech.tv/Africa), a flagship digital destination designed to serve the continent’s growing audience of exponential leaders in finance, blockchain, technology, sustainability, impact investing, SDGs, ESG, artificial intelligence, and much more. The best of the Africa Edition content will be available on a dedicated social hashtag #FintechTvAfrica. FINTECH.TV broadcasts from the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), NASDAQ, and the London Stock Exchange Group Studios.

FINTECHTV Editorial Team

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