Wednesday, June 19

Municipal Bond Data and Climate Risk

In partnership with the Climate Group and FINTECH.TV, The Nest Summit is an official event of Climate Week NYC, dedicated to advancing sustainability in the US by convening the organizations, visionary researchers, and influential policymakers driving climate action and leading the way to a cleaner and safer environment.Municipal bond issuers are where the rubber meets the road on climate risk in the US. At the same tie as they must fund and execute climate adaptation and resilience projects for their jurisdictions and customers, the property value, infrastructure, and populations that underpin their financial health represent exposures to climate risk that will only grow with climate change. With data specific to all bond issuers and obligors now available to assess the need for investment and the risks of not doing so, thought leaders in fixed income are now deploying and integrating this data into strategies, workflows, and decisions. The panelists; Andrew Teras and Chris Hartshorn couple the perspectives of risQ, the emerging municipal climate risk data, and analytics provider, with Breckinridge, an established leader in thematic ESG fixed income investing, and how the municipal bond ecosystem can maximize its value and impact on maximizing climate hygiene.