Wednesday, June 19

Simulating Grounded Hope for the Climate: An Interactive Experience

In partnership with the Climate Group and FINTECH.TV, The Nest Summit is an official event of Climate Week NYC, dedicated to advancing sustainability in the US by convening the organizations, visionary researchers, and influential policymakers driving climate action and leading the way to a cleaner and safer environment.In this interactive session, Andrew Jones of Climate Interactive and Gerold Koch of DWS will guide Governor Bill Ritter in creating his vision of a positive climate future using the decision-maker-oriented En-ROADS computer simulation. They will explore system-wide global solutions to climate change, including renewable energy, oil policy, carbon removal, energy efficiency, carbon pricing, electrification, and other policies. The simulator was built by Climate Interactive and MIT Sloan and has been used in settings ranging from the US Congress to the U.N. Secretary-General’s climate team to HSBC. Climate Interactive and MIT Sloan previously developed “C-ROADS”, the climate simulation that was used by John Holdren, Jonathan Pershing, and John Kerry in support of the Copenhagen and Paris climate summits.