Saturday, December 10

USA to Abu Dhabi: Empowering Women Globally

TheIMPACT focuses on ESG, Impact Investing, and advancing the 17 United Nations-supported Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The show profiles people and companies committed to changing lives and creating a sustainable world.Read Time: 59 secondsOn FINTECH.TV's TheIMPACT, our host from Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, Rachel Pether, is joined by the worldly stateswoman, Lauren Willy, representing the United States of America's interests in various affairs, most importantly - women's rights in this interview. Rachel and Lauren discuss her background beginning with her father, jolting her onto the world stage early, Brazil, and what she is currently doing on various initiatives to improve women's rights exponentially. Lauren and her team are making big moves from employment to increasing access to credit to growing women's access to land-ownership through education.The most crucial element - at least a significant pillar - is access to credit, treasury management, and building credit overtime for any entrepreneur. Especially true for women in emerging and developing markets globally that must align their business with the capital markets. Lauren recognized this in Abu Dhabi and is helping through her programs. The essential part of any entrepreneur's journey is who is there to help them when things get dark, obstacles occur, and how to overcome to become a better entrepreneur as studies from Harvard, BCG, and others have shown that women excel. As discussed with Rachel, she helps women understand how to build, grow, and develop networks.

The US Embassy Announcement for Women Entrepreneurs in Abu Dhabi UAE: :