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Cyberspace, Security and Regulations

One of the most-watched programs in the Blockchain sector and has been seen by over 4-million viewers worldwide. On this segment of FINTECH.TV's Digital Asset Report our host from Tel Aviv, Ziv Keinan, is joined by the cyber security expert, CEO of Konfidas, Ram Levi discusses how to be prepared during the increased risk with everyone working from home during Covid-19 for cyber attacks.Ram explains how Konfidas approaches cybersecurity for their clients around the world. Managed services for small businesses for a cost-benefit solution to secure the enterprise without the prohibitive costs associated with Old World roadblocks. The attacks surfaces have been increased during this work-from-home phenomena as represented by a 60% increase reported to the Federal Bureau of Investigations in the United States of America on cyber attacks. From remote desktops, to vulnerable networks, to social hacking, June 2020 had more attacks reported than the entire year of 2019. Yes, ransomware attacks have grown to a point of major concern as the majority of companies are no where close to prepared.Similar to Russia attacking Ukraine for political instability, it is not always about money as many times the state actors are disrupting the system and bringing these companies and people to their knees. Small companies are not always reporting these breaches - and overall cybersecurity attacks - unless they are forced to to claim insurance or gdpr protocol or similar forces that bring these issues to light.The nature of DLT as utilized by blockchain architecture is extremely secure. The computers, equipment, and systems that access these distributed ledger technology blockchain systems are absolutely not secure. This is a hacker's dream providing a point of access by leveraging the weakest node in the network of accessing secure data. Ram Levi and Ziv Kenan had a great time on this exclusive interview on FINTECH.TV and we hope you will enjoy it just as much staying up-to-date on the pulse of security in the digital New World.

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