Wednesday, June 19

OSL Digital Asset Platform

Abu Dhabi Edition

One of the most-watched programs in the Blockchain sector and has been seen by over 4-million viewers worldwide. Join our host, Rachel Pether, on the Digital Asset Report from Abu Dhabi with Dave Chapman, Executive Director of BC Group and Co-founder of OSL. Previous investment banker (HSBC, Barclay's, Bearn Stearns, & others) and during 2012 came across the bitcoin revolution. In 2013 while Dave was in Hong Kong, he became fascinated with the decentralized nature and technology of bitcoin, and it was then when he understood what the future holds for the finance industry.Dave and his business partners understood the future of digital assets was most compelling when institutional adoption was achieved to dominate the space for those layer one providers. With the help of a strategic investor, they took control of a Honk Kong exchange call BC Group. BC Group created a wholly-owned group – OSL, which serves as a digital asset firm with the full intent to serve the financial institution and accredited investor communities. “Digital security tokens will disrupt capital markets.” – Dave Chapman, Executive DirectorMany traditional finance leaders of the Old World misunderstood the opportunity in bitcoin and decentralized technology, thinking that it wouldn’t be adopted. We are now witnessing significant jurisdictions around the world create regulations around the digital asset space (bitcoin, crypto, and security tokens). Some of the worldwide established brand names that are entering the space are, Standard Chartered, J.P. Morgan, Nomura, and TD Ameritrade. Bitcoin has validated its status as an asset class, receiving global regulatory clarity in the financial space. As well as exceptionally high-quality custodians that are providing the same level of insurance for the New World that any traditional custodian would of the Old World.

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