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VC Investing in the Regulated Digital World

Daniel Ben Yehuda - CEO, OM2 Holdings - 

Join our host, Ziv Keinan, for the first of many Digital Asset Reports from Israel with Daniel Ben Yehuda, CEO of OM2 Holdings as they discuss the future of financial technology (FinTech) in a connected digital economy with innovation disrupting how banks, insurance companies, and additional players are transitioning for the future. Technology comes in to support the banks or to bring the disruptive services that are congruent with the New World, says Daniel Ben Yehuda.

Capital Allocation Strategy -

OM2 Holdings is not a typical venture capital (VC) firm. For example, in analyzing digital securities, Daniel and his team made an initial investment in a "good strong" matching engine called exberry - using some of the most advanced technologies available to support a number of technology instances, implementations, and mapping integrations. Next, Daniel says the next logical piece of the puzzle is liquidity. Thus, OM2 made an investment in Ownera, which is building the rails of the digital securities industry to provide access to the institutional players. Lastly, a fully regulated venue is needed which was their investment in nx' change. This investment in nx' change enables securities to be traded in the private capital markets - made possible by blockchain distributed ledger technology (DLT) public databases of trusted trustless systems using New World technology.

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Israel is Leading Decentralizing Finance - 

These unlocked, unblocked and free-flow features create new possibilities for digital money, decentralized finance, and the multi-dimensional frictionless vector of value. To learn more about how digital securities will be issued, traded, and directly measured using impact metrics that address various Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as outlined by the United Nations, watch these seasoned experts discuss the most pressing issues of exponential growth in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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