Monday, July 15

Impact Investing is Going Mainstream in a Post-COVID World

Sir Ronald Cohen - Co-founder of Apax Partners; Chairman Steering Group for Impact Invest; and Chairman of The Portland Trust and Bridges Ventures - joins FINTECH.TV Co-founder and host, Vincent Molinari, to discuss "Ronnie's" journey. Ronnie's adventure began when he left Egypt at the age of 11, fleeing to the United Kingdom and being accepted as a fellow human of life - where he attended Oxford and then continued his studies at Harvard Business School. Receiving the help he did, that made profound differences in his life, illustrated how important it was for Ronnie to give back in the ways he knows best by "innovating, agitating and orchestrating the advance of impact investments and impact economies around the world." In his new book, Sir Ronald Cohen has painted the symbol of capital in the forms of empathy, altruism and Adam Smith's invisible hand as directly implicated in social impact and sustainable investing...the ability to think differently for humanity with love as the anchor. In looking today at ESG, the numbers now exceed $30 trillion. The trends are the trends, says Ronnie, with the numbers speaking for themselves. The preferences of consumers, companies and governments are shifting exponentially with a need for transparency to catalyze the shift to measuring impact as a primary pillar of capitalism. COVID-19 puts everything back to the basics, into perspective and illustrates the lack of transparency to measure and manage impact. Data and technology now make it possible to do this, as referenced by a recent Harvard Business School study Sir Ronald discusses with Vincent Molinari that creates an end-to-end relationship. To learn more about Apax Partners, please visit: Watch the legend, Sir Ronald Cohen, in action via: