Monday, February 26

Liquidity is Not Binary…It is PRIMARY

On today’s segment of the Digital Asset Report, our host, Lawrence Wintermeyer, uncovers the greatest value opportunity for humanity with Ami Ben-David & Anthony Woolley of Ownera. ALERT: Digitizing private capital markets globally upgrades fundraising, secondary trading, trust and transparency for small to medium businesses that need new forms up help in a post-COVID world. Please join our host, Lawrence Wintermeyer, Anthony Wooley, Director and Strategic Advisor at Ownera and Ami Ben-David, Co-founder & CEO at Ownera to learn about the open-standards that are now available with institutional stakeholders, financial institutions and retail investors to access capital markets with digital capabilities as adoption occurs, protocols are matured and depth of liquidity is exponentially made available through decentralized finance tools. From AML/KYC standards to atomic swaps for liquid markets to underwriting nodes run by trillion-dollar financial institutions, Ami Ben-David founded Ownera to remove friction as “it’s time to move to the digital age.” The steering group that has organically grown to foster this global private markets network now consists of the largest fund managers, finance groups, investment banks, and exchanges around the world. The non-standardized documents, issuance, trading and marking assets to the market has been the friction of the past that Ownera and its partners are building the digital bridge to the future for the long-term. Portability of value, compliance for regulators that is levels above the “Dark Ages” of today, and access to capital for entrepreneurs, business owners and risk-takers provides unrealized opportunities for humanity to measure the impact of this paradigm shift.