Wednesday, June 19

Abu Dhabi Institutional Digital Asset Trading Exchange

The Institutional Digital Asset Trading Exchange holds one of the most prominent institutional venture capital from the GCC (Mubadala Ventures) as one of their seed investors. On the first Digital Asset Report from Abu Dhabi, our host Rachel Pether speaks with Basil Al Askari, CEO & Co-founder of MidChains. "Back in the earliest 2017, we (the Founders of MidChains) understood the true potential impact of Blockchain technology, especially in the capital market space that leads us to pursue building up infrastructure that could be regulated in Abu Dhabi." MidChains vision is to be a one-stop multi-asset market venue for all investors. Watch the video to learn more about their newest investor (MIAX), global developments, how they were affected with COVID-19, and the future of MidChains in 6 - 12 months. Would you like to know more about our future interviews before they are released? Sign-up to our weekly schedule.