Friday, February 23

Saving the World by Aligning Your ROI Goals

Social Impact Investing in the Post-COVID World

On this segment of TheIMPACT, we speak with Andrew Behar, CEO of As You Sow - the company that empowers shareholders to change corporations into a force for good Known as the champions of justice and sustainability in all its forms, some of the issues As You Sow focuses on are Climate Change, Environmental Health, Toxic in the Food System, Ocean Plastic, and Social Injustice. Their different programs focus on analyzing companies using key metrics to find the leaders and lagers as industry best practices are created. These measurements include the overall benefit from shareholders to consumers by mitigating future risk as measured under a specific lens. Since 2012, they have been involved in pushing the EGS agenda with Mutual Funds by creating general awareness. Such as helping investors align their 401K with transparent values with simple tools like Fossil Free Fund, Deforestation Free Fund, Weapon Free Fund, Equileap (Gender Equality), & Prison Free Funds. You can become a leader in Social Impact Investing with these THREE simple steps from Andrew:  width=
  1. Proxy voting
  2. Get involved in organizations
  3. Be aware of your mutual funds
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