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US Molinari Media, PBC Acquires UK Fintech Worldwide

NEW YORK, NY. Molinari Media, a fintech media and broadcast company has acquired London-based Fintech Worldwide – the World's Leading Network for Fintech, Blockchain & Digital Impact. The deal was announced today. This acquisition will further expand the Molinari Media global footprint and its financial streaming platform to the United Kingdom and Europe. The transaction not only adds a fully integrated events management system, database, and analytics platform but also extends the media and broadcast reach of an already established brand and leadership team in the industry The acquisition complements the recent launch of Digital Asset Reporttm-London, which is broadcast and produced from the London Stock Exchange Studios in conjunction with Global Digital Finance (GDF). "As we grow our FINTECH.TV, Digital Asset Report and TheIMPACT content reflecting on these additional synergies, we are excited to add the Fintech Worldwide moniker and brand arsenal into our current family of distinguished marquee brands. This acquisition, which includes the original London Fintech and Blockchain Weeks, will expand our broadcast base, and loyal viewership in the financial and blockchain community." said Vince Molinari, founder and CEO of Molinari Media. "In addition to those valuable intangibles, I am so pleased that Dr. Jane Thomason will be joining our management team and Board of Directors. She also brings with her a diverse and dynamic team of experts that will serve to the continued growth and global impact of our company." "We see this as an exciting opportunity to pivot and supplement our events business with a large scale digital format, and together we will build the world's first global media network, championing Fintech, Digital Assets and Impact to serve as the model for the future of business as we know things today," said Dr. Jane Thomason, CEO Fintech Worldwide. Dr. Jane Thomason further commented, "Over many years, we have been developing relationships with global leaders in the fintech, digital asset, and impact space. Because of this network, and our global content partners, we can bring bleeding edge thinkers from across the world to our channel. That means we can deliver to our audience the best of the best. This is an incredible opportunity to join forces and bring the latest content and future thinkers to FINTECH.TV." FINTECH.TV brings the latest Fintech, Digital Asset news, as well as TheIMPACT television and social media platform. The content focuses on bringing stories on digital technologies, the digital assets sectors, and creating social impact with accelerating progress towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It is a new initiative that responds to the demands of millennial investors, ensuring their investments have a direct impact on Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) actions. Molinari Media's Founder and CEO, Vince Molinari, commented, "The work being done by companies and individuals to solve the humanitarian and global challenges is extraordinary. We want to amplify these efforts to create further education and awareness in the Impact / Sustainability sector.”   Fintech Worldwide is the world's leading network for Fintech, Blockchain, and Digital Impact. Molinari Media, PBC (MM) broadcasts from the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), NASDAQ and the London Stock Exchange (LSE) Studios. MM produces two programs – Digital Asset Report, which provides a weekly look forward on digital assets, blockchain, innovation, disruption, and legislation/regulation. Also, TheIMPACT which focuses on ESG investing and the Sustainability Development Goals of the United Nations. ### For press and general inquiries, please contact: Vince Molinari | | +1 (917) 886-7250

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